Mattress core – what is it?

A mattress usually consists of different parts or layers. Part of it is the mattress core. It refers to the main part of the mattress, which is responsible for the mattress’s flying characteristics and is located in the middle of the overall construction. Which mattress category a mattress belongs to is therefore dependent on its core? Other parts of the mattress are the cover and thin, upper layers, which are mainly responsible for the comfort of sleeping and the breathability of the mattress. The mattress core ensures that the shoulders and pelvis sink in, while the rest of the body should be well supported. The purpose of the mattress core is to help the body keep the spine in a straight position during sleep. Only when the spine is laying straight, joints, muscles, and tendons can relax and a restful and restful night’s sleep is the result.

Which mattress cores are there?

Very popular are mattresses with Pocket spring mattresses or with cold foam cores. es are filled with many small springs that make the entire edition very point elastic and convey a pleasantly soft, swinging feeling lying. Cold foam mattresses are filled with a cold foam panel, which is equipped with various cutting techniques. The point elasticity and support of a mattress with cold foam core depend on the cutting technique. Also in the cutting technique, there are many different variants such as wave-cut or cube cut. When choosing the right mattress, it, therefore, depends on which individual needs and needs you have. In addition to these two very common variants, there are also mattresses with latex core or filled with a Visco foam core.

What role does the degree of hardness of a mattress core play?

All mattress cores are available in different degrees of hardness. The degree of hardness is based on the weight of the sleeper, the softer a mattress is, the better it is suitable for a person of lesser weight; The harder it is, the better it is for a heavier person. But of course, every mattress core ultimately has a feeling of being comfortable. For this reason, most mattresses are provided with soft padding. You can buy mattress  from amerisleep.